Our little place

Your New Age Shop

The place where you walk in as strangers and


leave as friends...
We are a Metaphysical Shop located in Downtown Westmont Illinois

We offer items such as Handmade Jewelry, Stones and Crystals, Statuary, Journals , Ink and Parchments, Quills, Smudge fans, Smudges. Herbs (for ritual and medicinal uses) Incense (stick, Powdered and Resin)

We carry all sorts of Ritual supplies for a number of spiritual paths..Such as Wicca, Druid, Hindu, Santeria, Christian, Buddhist, Eclectic.... Etc



We have a nice selection of esoterical and practical books on a variety of subjects ...for the Beginner to the advanced.


We carry also Tarot Cards,  Rune Stones & Oracle Cards

So if you're looking to curse someone or to cast a spell to make a zombie...We are not the place for you... For everything else come on by...